Nebulogy BPM PaaS

Enterprise BPM platform solution based on PaaS architecture. Fully decoupling BPM platform applications based on the micro-service architecture, the best practices of BPM lifecycle management, process application development & operation and maintenance are presented to users in a common set of component services so that business processes can be faster and better build.

  • Functional Features
  • Application scenarios

BPMS Reconstruction of Cloud Native Concept

Based on BPM PaaS process platform, enabling agile management of the entire process lifecycle, helping enterprise manage and optimize their processes

Decoupled microservice architecture design

The application is fully decoupled based on the micro-service architecture and decentralized, the ease of maintenance of application are improved, and business capability service sharing, service precipitation and middleware construction are achieved. The component center provides the extension registration and management of form controls, API methods and building block rules to provide users with reusable platform-based capability precipitation.

DevOps tool support

DevOps to develop, test, and integrate operations, help enterprise to quickly transform IT apps architecture. Using Kubernetes container technology and CI/CD components to assist automatic publish.

Containerization, deployment and delivery

  • Standardized application deployment to effectively guaranteeing performance requirements while improving the efficiency of resource usage to help enterprise business move to the internet.
  • Containerization with instance resource elasticity scaling, guaranteeing performance requirements while improving resource utilization efficiency.
  • Multi-tenant management, multi-level permission distribution and resource management.
  • Grayscale release and version rollback to ensure quality.

Application scenarios

  • Process management and optimization

    Process management based on BPM PaaS Platform

    Process management and optimization
  • Internet-based business

    Containerized resource for elastic scaling to cope with sudden surge of internet business traffic

    Internet-based business
  • Enterprise IT Agility Transformation

    Align IT and business capabilities to quickly respond to market changes

    Enterprise IT Agility Transformation
  • Application migration to cloud

    Development and deployment of Cloud Applications, microservice reconfiguration

    Application migration to cloud