K2 AI-ready Process Management Platform

K2 Platform presents the best solution for BPM-related process management and process application development. Committed to driving business empowerment, agile management, enhancing process leanness, and assisting data analytics

  • Product Features
  • Special features
  • Application scenarios
  • Product Advantages

Product Features

Flexible and easy-to-use form tools

  • Drag-and-drop form design tools
  • Pre-built standard components and templates that allow
    low-code embedding
  • Highly reusable and rapid development
  • Multiple views for forms
  • Responsive layout

Agile, easy to use workflow process tools

Based on Html5 design, the process platform provides two sets of visual Web process design tools: a standard process designer with a simple and easy-to-use configuration interface, and an advanced process designer with more functions and flexible expansion. Satisfy the different levels of complexity of the process design, through the drag-and-drop method, easily implement process design, form rule, line rule and node attribute rule configuration.

Simple and efficient design tool

Semantic Designer, covering common configuration requirements, easy to use building block designer, an advanced engine that can be called arbitrarily and share developed modules in the platform

Enriched API, perfect integration with heterogeneous systems

Seamless integration of heterogeneous systems for secondary development and facilitate the integration of data, logic, processes, forms, etc. into required scenarios for real-time uploading and secure cache-free

Role-based features

  • Process Developers/builders
  • Process QA
  • Process operation and maintenance personnel
  • Approval Matrix

    Converting corporate accountability and approval content into two-dimensional matrix scenarios, which are easier to understand and clearer than traditional flowcharts, and more effectively standardized master table management

  • Component Development Mode

    Developers can quickly create, assemble, and publish forms using individual components. The system layer is then deployed uniformly by the deployment package background system.

  • Business Object Designer

    Automatic data structure generation, default resource service (CRUD) for objects completed by user graphical design, and the management and automatic distribution of SDK packages, combined with user rights management.

Application scenarios

  • Unified Process Platform

    Unified Process Platform
    Support all business processes, responds quickly to changes in demand, seamless integration with all business systems through end-to-end process management and achieve unified planning, unified management, unified approval, unified monitoring, and unified optimization of the entire enterprise process.
  • OA/BPM replacement, process migration

    OA/BPM replacement, process migration
    When your OA or legacy platform is outdated or showing problems such as low efficiency, operation and maintenance difficulties, usability difficulties etc., we can enable quick migration of current processes and standardized management for you.
  • Process Portal

    Process Portal
    Create a unified user task processing center, providing managers and employees with a unified process initiation and approval portal, and a unified process proxy reminder portal. Align portal application layouts, common applications, and enhance user experience based on enterprise VI.
  • Mobile approval

    Mobile approval
    Out-of-the-box K2 mobile or integrating with corporate defined social network like Teams, wechat and in-house custom built apps; allow users to review, work-on and approve tasks anywhere, anytime.

Product Advantages

  • Stable performance

    Stable BPM process engine that meets the stability and performance requirements of large enterprises

    Stable performance
  • Low/no-code development

    Revolutionary development models to increase productivity. Rapid process development changes, agile response to changes in business and management requirements

    Low/no-code development
  • Business Empowerment

    Provide a platform-based process service capabilities, helping enterprises to systematically manage the process and empower the platform-based process service

    Business Empowerment
  • End-to-end processes

    Enable collaborative working environment across departments through process-driven end-to-end business applications. Overall optimization enhance convenience

    End-to-end processes